Monday, November 21, 2011

NARS Danmari Blush Palette

So I have never owned a single blush palette although I was somewhat tempted to look for the infamous "Orgasm" blush. I always had a NARS Blush on my wish list but since i'm not so much of a Blush Freak I didn't care to make that product a priority. When this Blush palette popped up at Sephora, I couldn't pass it up! It was six blushes in one palette and for ONLY $65 when buying six different blushes from NARS would sum up to $150. I felt it was a deal I could not pass. As I purchased this in the fall, I find myself dabbing my blush brush into the 'sin' blush to create the deep look of a blush and bronzer combined. I thought i would be crazy about the 'casino' bronzer since I recently re-did a look by Selena Gomez (below) and this was the bronzer she used, but I feel it gives a sunkissed look for the summer. (;
Pictures Below 

xoxo tatiana