Sunday, November 13, 2011

Hollywood, Calabasses, Malibu Oh My!

So.. I'm getting used to this whole "Blogging" thing and I have decided that it would be so cool to kind of have y'all come into my life, not just see the new things I buy or anything but get to know what I do and what I love, like my own little diary. Anywho, with that said, I went to California in the beginning of Sept. for vacation with my mother. I had been to Los Angeles, California before but I was wayy to young to remember anything. So we visited again and I loved the free-ness of the city. The city was fun and I wanted to stay longer but I had work (boo!). I hope to visit again!

 above: walking down hollywood we did a lot of sightseeing and got to go a little shopping down that strip. 
above: we took a tour to see all of hollywood and check out superstar homes! 
above: I believe this was "little Mexico", or something like 'la villita' 
When i WAS a Kardashian fan, we decided to head over to Calabassas, California to check out the Dash store, of course it was overpriced but we had stopped by the bakery next door and had a glass of wine instead. Then we headed to Malibu and it absolutely gorgeous! 

xoxox Tatiana