Monday, November 7, 2011

My First Jewelmint!

Okay..Okay.. I know I know! The news about Jewelmint is long gone with excitement and everyone (almost everyone) has already hopped onto the bandwagon. When I first heard about Jewelmint I was a bit skeptical but after months passed I fell in love with the "Astoria Necklace", as I began filling out the style quiz and "my showroom" popped up I couldn't help but fall in love with all of the distinctive pieces that had! I have ALWAYS been that one girl who put effort and thought into putting jewelry pieces that complimented the outfit but I always seemed to be in SUCH a rush! (must be a latina thing! :( ) As I scrolled throught the showroom, I decided that I would pick out some pieces for the next few months to push myself to be "that girl" I had longed to be. I figured if I spent close to $30 on a piece of jewelry I would be forced to wear it to get a good use of my money spent. So with that said I have below my first purchase (which was in the ending of September, maybe early October) and since then I have 3 more pieces being shipped as we speak... that's not an obsession now, is it? yes, I think it is.
Kill me! 

xoxo Tatiana (: