Monday, October 17, 2011

Rose Gold Love (:

Rose Gold Watches: Apparently Rose Gold watches have been the "new thing" which when I first saw the trend i wasn't very convinced. Of course, it was something new and hip but I didn't see the point of the color. As months passed, the trend was everywhere and so I decided to try one on, I instantly fell in love and realized the trend was something unique that I could wear with anything. As I am not a big fan of watches, but couldn't pass up this trend, I decided to buy a cheap watch at kohl's. If I bought an expensive one (Micheal Kors or Fossil) I would have killed myself if there ever was a scratch, so I settled for a less than $20 one. I am wearing it today, it fits well with my outfit, which is a black tee with black slacks and black booties, my jewelry is definitely the pop of color to my basic work outfit.

xoxo Tatiana <3